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- The Station: 1949 Story -

Dad and Me.jpg
 In the year 1949, my father was born...
a man whom I cherish and love. 

Sadly tho, in 2019 I lost him to an egregious battle with pancreas cancer.
Throughout my life I watched and learned from my Dad, an honorable,
God-fearing gentleman. He was 
someone whom was as trustworthy as his handshake. That is something I strive to remember and highly esteem.
I believe they broke the mold after my dad, so I can only hope to carry on to the best of  my ability what he taught and helped imbue within me. 

My Dad instilled in me an appreciation 
for a by-gone era. of which he was very fond of. Thus, The Station: 1949 and its atmosphere endeavors to reflect such. Additionally, it is a composite reflection and representation of my very own personal interests, experiences and sojourn throughout life.
We keenly value attention to details and have striven to manifest such at  The Station: 1949.
Beautiful music, appealing visual aesthetics and impeccable service inspire the soul.
So, please enjoy your moment in time while visiting us .

With the sentimentality and the familiarity of Mr. Sinatra's melodic words, we hope you become fond of 
The Station: 1949, where we classically and humbly like to do it:

"Our Way!"  

~ Sincerely, William Harder Jr. (a.k.a. "The Bock") ~Owner.

William ~ "The Bock"

   My Sister "Hayley",
my sidekick, known as: 
  "The Red Machine"


My Brother from another beautiful Mother and my Body Guard ~ "Dusty"
Known as:
"The Blonde Hulk"

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