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- The Station: 1949 Story -

Dad and Me.jpg
 In the year 1949, my Father was born... a man whom
I cherish and love.

In 2019, I lost him to an egregious battle w/pancreas cancer.
Throughout my life I watched and learned from an honorable, God-fearing gentleman - someone who was as good as his handshake.
He instilled in me a similar manner and appreciation for a by-gone era.
They broke the mold after him so I can only hope to carry on with what he imbued in me.

The Station: 1949 is a reflection of my dear Dad and the 
generation he represented, yet at the same time an expression of my own developed passions and attributes acquired through-out my journey of this thing called life.

I've always valued and appreciated attention to details and have striven to reflect that at 

The Station: 1949.
Whether you're sitting down in a leather chair enjoying a bold, refreshing wine, or at the 2-person mini bar sampling a sake flight, cold beer or hot coffee, we want you to feel relaxed in a nostalgic, classy and quaint atmosphere.
Quality music and appealing visual aesthetics are what capture the soul.

So, please enjoy your moment in time while visiting us at The Station: 1949.
Try to remember the name of that familiar, vintage song playing overhead or conjure up the name of that classic black and white movie playing on the big screen in front of you.
In the familiarity of Mr. Sinatra's melodic words, 
we hope you become fond of 
The Station: 1949, where we classically and humbly like to do it: "Our Way".  

~ Sincerely, William Harder Jr. (a.k.a. "The Bock") ~Owner.

~ Meet the Team ~

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