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It is a by-gone era, but never forgotten. Though impacted by World War, the 1940’s marked an era of class, sophistication, quality and vibrancy.  At “The Station: 1949” in Brookings, Oregon, we hope to help you reminisce and become instilled with positive vibes all the while remembering and appreciating a special time of history. 


We are proud to feature award winning wines w/over 17 varieties that include

specialty flights. 

On announced nights bring in a pizza or some sushi in the evening and relax with a delicious bottle of your choosing. Maybe that's a bold Malbec or Cab Franc, a chilled Pinot Gris, a delicious Rose', or a sparkling Prosecco bubbly.  Even more, perhaps a delicious sake flight. Or what about a creamy stout beer, a heavy Belgian ale, or a refreshing, authentic German Pilsner to quench your thirst?

Feel free to sit at your own wine barrel table or request the 

mini-bar built specifically & romantically for two. Mimosa Sunday's may grab your attention while you relax in a leather chair to Sinatra or whilst watching a classic

black & white on the big screen.


A delicious, charcuterie board to compliment your wine and tastebuds should definitely enhance your experience. While lingering, we invite you to peruse our enchanting “à Love of Flair” crafts & shopping boutique that just may become your home to:

imagine, create & inspire!


Whether it’s your mid-day lounge for a break, an afternoon stop over to chill or an evening to unwind & relax, “The Station: 1949” welcomes you to our nostalgic & cozy environment.


"The Station: 1949" ~  Where We Do It, "Our Way."

* * * 


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The statiOn: 1949
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